Can you spot the hilarious 44 Coronavirus staysafe mistakes… 😂

Our lives are changing and we’re finding out that adapting to the “new normal” is harder than it looks on paper. While most of us occasionally slip up, there are some people who have completely left rational thought by the roadside the moment the quarantine came into effect.

Internet users can’t help but poke fun at how some people are clueless about how viruses work, so Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest photos of people doing dumb things during the pandemic. Scroll down, enjoy the coronavirus stupidity, and upvote your fave pics, dear Pandas. And let us know in the comments if you’ve encountered any Covidiots so far.

Avoiding products that have the name “Corona” in them is one thing, but microwaving money to “disinfect” it (pro-tip: don’t ever do this) and disregarding safe facemask and glove use is a whole ‘nother ball game entirely.

#1 Stupid Mask

Image credits: EmilyAnnette6

#2 That’s $11k In Fines Right There

Image credits: PhoenixDowntown

#3 $5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

Image credits: jdk

Fear makes us do stupid, dumb, irrational things. No matter how cool a cucumber you might be in fair weather conditions, once the coronacrap hits the metaphorical fan, your true character comes out. And the fear of the virus has created public panic in some places.

For instance, in China, there have been reported cases of people hunting down pet cats and dogs due to misinformation about how the virus works. Meanwhile in Malaysia, some citizens were busy spreading rumors that coronavirus patients turned into zombies.

#4 All The Beans At My Local Grocery Store Are Out Except This One

Image credits: ThePortlandStrangler

#5 Well, Thank Goodness The Virus Can’t Move Sideways#6 Just Your Typical Walmart Shopper

Image credits: LordCinko

McDonald’s in China apologized after one of the restaurant’s branches in Guangzhou stopped black people from going inside. The company temporarily closed down the restaurant when it found out about the notice. Online rumors about the coronavirus circulating in Guangzhou led to hundreds of Africans being evicted from apartments and hotels just last week.

#7 Well

Image credits: KenWebsterII

#8 Someone Tell Snorkel Lady That It Won’t Work

Image credits: rsm386

#9 How To Put Your Mask Correctly

Image credits: rilebro

We can judge all we want, but elementary human psychology tells us that fear changes the way that we see the world and react to things. In times of panic, we’re far more likely to conform and turn to herd-mentality so that we can feel safe.

If your friends, family, and neighbors are doing something, the odds are, we’ll be doing it as well. The best thing we can do is try to calm down and bring a bit of logic and common sense back into our lives.

#10 So, My Work Had A Meeting About The Importance Of Social Distancing Today

Image credits: SoManyWeeaboos

#11 Someone’s Rooftop Party Is About To Get Raided By The Cops

Image credits: kalltvatten

#12 If You Can’t Smell It, You Can’t Get It

Image credits: corey-in-cambodia

#13 5G —> Death = Science

Image credits: froooon

#14 This Guy Was Eating His Food Wearing The Same Gloves He’s Been Wearing Since He Walked In

Image credits: Necessary-Silver

#15 Went To The Shop Last Night. Every Aisle Had Been Picked Clean Apart From This… People Are Idiots

Image credits: Cha7l1e

#16 Social Gathering At St Kilda Beach Today

Image credits: leighhenningham

#17 To Make This Safe

Image credits: boberfly

#18 I Don’t Think She Knows What “Quarantining” Means

Image credits: lynchdabinch

#19 Ladies And Gentlemen, The President Of Our Meatpacking Plant While Talking About The Plant’s Safety Procedures During The Virus

Image credits: sunkist268

#20 He’s A Little Confused But He Got The Spirit

Image credits:

#21 To Protect Against COVID-19

Image credits: Mrdazjames

#22 To Shield The Face

Image credits: ThisIsTrix

#23 Someone Brought These Bills To The Bank They Tried To Sanitize In A Microwave

Image credits: Jamaisfaux

#24 How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Image credits: cuchicou

#25 It Was Painful Watching This Happen

Image credits: send_me_ur_best_meme

#26 I Don’t Believe This Is Proper Glove-Wearing Protocol#27 Good To Know Coronavirus Only Travels Forward And Backwards

Image credits: jcepiano

#28 Protesters Against Quarantine Back Again At The Ohio Statehouse

Image credits: karenkasler

#29 She’s Wearing A Mesh Bee Keeper Type Helmet. I’m Not Sure She Gets The Point

Image credits: karmapointsaregay

#30 Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Doesn’t Seem To Understand How To Put On A Medical Mask Either. Mayor, Your Nostrils Are Showing

Image credits: KenWebsterII

#31 No, I Don’t Use My Nose To Breathe

Image credits: PianistCryuff

#32 There Was An Attempt To Use A Mask

Image credits: PropagandaDebunker

#33 Wife Said To Wear A Mask In Public Areas?

Image credits: kayosjim

#34 N95s Filtering Improves If You Wear It As A Headband

Image credits: orlando2542

#35 I Don’t Think That’s How It Works

Image credits: eoztenten

#36 Apparently, We Have All Been Doing It Wrong


#37 Wrong Type Of Napkin

Image credits: Americancatfarmer

#38 Seen Today In The Atlanta Airport – Babies In Comforter Bags

Image credits: hme9115

#39 Not Sure This Counts As Social Distancing

Image credits: Serpenio_

#40 I’ve Honestly Never Read The Instructions, But I’m Pretty Sure This Isn’t The Most Effective Use Of A Mask Right Now

Image credits: LordPickels

#41 A Group Of Friends Still Getting Together And Partying Regardless Of The Quarantine Rules. Obviously Standing Less Than 6 Feet Apart But It’s Okay Because They’re All Wearing Face Masks

Image credits: doodlebop_

#42 You’re Wearing Your Mask Backwards

Image credits: catcontentonly

#43 My Local Albertsons Trying To Keep The Buttons Clean… I Don’t Think They Get It

Image credits: Chill0000

#44 You Touch 4 Doors Before The Time Clock. This Is How Management Is Protecting And Caring For Us

Image credits: gbooff

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